Vanessa Hopkins: Artistic Director


Vanessa has lived her life in the theater, as an actor, dancer, singer, director, and teacher. She has had the privilege of teaching acting, improvisation, dance and yoga, to adults, children and underserved youth communities in both Portland and California. Formerly, she was the creative director for Live at the Armory - a concert and event venue in Ashland Oregon. More recently, she is the founder of Life is Short Films, a digital content marketing company that serves non-profits, start ups, and innovative sustainable products. She also creates and multimedia performances and is now working on a new piece, coming this summer. Vanessa is passionate about creating a unique school that not only provides children the tools of theater but access to the ancient and modern wisdoms, as well. She believes the creative arts are one of the best ways to give our youth the tools they need to thrive in a complex world. Vanessa@twowolvestheaterschool.com

Julia Bray: Magical Musicals 9-13


Julia Bray is a creator, writer, performer, teacher and Portland native. She spent 10 years in New York City performing in “Off-Broadway” shows, writing plays and producing theater. In Portland, she teaches Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, adult dance classes & musical theater after school programs and creates solo-performance work. Her recent one-woman show "Matter Is Mother"  a multi-media theatrical experience where Julia plays 8 different characters and performs original music & dance, received a RACC grant for a full production run in 2019. She loves reading astrology charts, studying human behavior and consciousness through a theatrical lens, and connecting with animals (especially her terrier, Sparkles the Moon Dog). www.the-magic-is-you.com