Two Wolves Theater School was originally a branch of Rogue Pack - a non-profit creative arts organization that has served “underserved” youth - in Portland, Oregon since 2014.

Two Wolves is now it’s own entity! We will be taking some time to realign and will reopen the school later this year. Please stay tuned for our new and exciting evolution!

When I first started building the school, I was inspired by the Native American parable “Two Wolves”: Within all of us, there is light and darkness. If we only nurture one or the other, we struggle with imbalance. If we can learn to value all aspects of our inner selves, we can better navigate the complexities of the world and therefore, be more fulfilled! These are the values we hope to impart to our children through the creative arts. The skills a child learns from the expressive arts, are invaluable: Not only confidence building but encouraging of more empathy, self awareness, respect - as well as - overall elevated performance in school and participation at home.

During this technological age, many of our children are not developing these necessary skills because they’re spending more time looking at a screen than using their imagination. We intentionally make our classes affordable and accessible because we are more than a theater school, we are a community of artists inspired to make theater more available to everyone.

It’s our longterm goal to someday better integrate all children from all walks of life, through the magic of theater.

Join us on the adventure!

Big thanks and love, Vanessa